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4 Home Maintenance Tips You Might Not Have Known

Home maintenance takes a lot of work. There are a great many areas in which your home requires routine technical support, from the air conditioning to the appliances in the kitchen. But questions over the difference between stepped vs level premiums and how to tackle a schedule of routine homeowner’s maintenance throughout the year are easier answered than you might initially think.

With these four easy tips, you can make setting a maintenance schedule and sticking to it a breeze, and your family will thank you for the stability.

1. Remember to inspect your air conditioning system regularly.



Your air conditioning system is one of the most complex units in the whole house. There are a number of important—and expensive—parts that make up the HVAC system. First and foremost is the compressor and the air conditioning fan unit that resides outside your home. Your AC unit will typically last about fifteen years before requiring a replacement, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule.


One of the most important things you can do to keep your AC unit, furnace, and HVAC system all working like a charm is to change your filter on a monthly basis to prevent heating problems. Debris can quickly build up in the filter that protects your furnace and ductwork, and the last thing a homeowner wants to do is replace the entire HVAC system because of a few missed filter changes that led to a total system breakdown.

2. Don’t sleep on your insurance policies.



From life insurance to homeowner’s coverage, it’s important to keep current with all of your insurance policies. As a policyholder, you are entitled to expansive coverage in the event of an emergency, however, if you fail to pay your level premiums on a regular basis, you could be left holding the bag after a major storm or a car accident.


Insurance is a core part of homeownership. There are so many important things in life that must be protected during this phase of adulthood, and the best way to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks is with comprehensive insurance coverage across the board. Make sure your death benefit, auto coverage, and more are paid on a regular basis in order to avoid any lapses.

3. Climb up on the roof once or twice per year.



Your roof is another area in which routine maintenance must be conducted. Most of this work is in preventative care and cleaning debris from the gutters. Once or twice yearly, depending on the local conditions where you live, you will want to climb up on top of your home in order to inspect the shingles and remove dirt, leaves, and other debris from the gutters to ensure proper working order of your drainage system.


Inspecting the covering of your home is the best way to know when it will begin to fail on you. Just like the air conditioner, a roof is rated for a lifespan of somewhere between fifteen and twenty years. After this point, the seals begin to give way, and your energy efficiency and home’s safety fall into a new, heightened risk of exposure.

4. Consider home improvements every few years for a modern feel.



Home improvement is a staple in U.S. households. Americans are constantly working on renovation projects, and for good reason. Borrowed cash in relation to home buying or improvement comes with a relatively cheap price tag, and a home improvement project can add significant value to the appraisal of your home in the event that you decide to move. Improvements to maintain a modern and comfortable home are a great way to keep your home in a high-quality state that provides you with the comfort and peace of mind that you and your family deserve.


Maintaining a home takes a lot of hard work, but the satisfaction is worth the effort.