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5 Considerations to Make Before Building A Mega Church

Most Christians will tell you that the church is more than just a building. It’s an atmosphere where they can gather to worship their creator. What’s more, churches offer a more convenient way to bring people together while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. As such, its design should reflect the church’s ideals, ministry goals, and congregational preferences.

If you’re thinking about building a megachurch, that implies that your church is already ripe for expansion. As a church leader, there are several things to consider before venturing on a megachurch building project. Not paying attention to these factors may drastically impact your ministry. In that vein, here are five factors to consider before building a megachurch.

1. Do you have the necessary church supplies?


Before establishing a megachurch, you need to ensure you have all the essential supplies required for its smooth operation. There are several church supply vendors on the market, so sifting through the lot can be a hassle. Nashville residents are lucky to have a reputable nationwide church supply vendor nearby.

Cokesbury was initially set up as the retail and customer service of the United Methodist Publishing. It has since expanded to cater to a broad audience representing various independent churches and denominations. The retail store has more than 300,000 unique products in its inventory, including church supplies, Bibles, books, worship resources, and curricula.

Visitors worldwide can purchase Cokesbury church supplies and products via their website. When you shop at Cokesbury, there is convenience and easy access to church goods. What’s more, Cokesbury’s customer center, which comprises passionate and experienced individuals, is just a phone call away if you have any questions or require assistance.

2. Do you have the property to accommodate a megachurch?


If the plan is to build a megachurch, one of the first things to consider is the building site. Besides having enough space to accommodate a large congregation of attenders, you need to factor in parking spaces, office buildings, Christian centers, and other essential facilities. With that in mind, you’ll need to budget a considerable sum for real estate.

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3. Does the megachurch serve the needs of your ministry?


Before you start building a megachurch, take some time to ascertain if the structure strategically aligns with your ministry’s fundamental values. Ensure that the building project represents all that you stand for in your church. Regardless of anything else, the ministry’s needs should be the basis of building a megachurch. This assessment will guide you in determining which facilities to incorporate into the megastructure.

4. Do you have the resources to start and complete the project?


Regardless of what your beliefs are, building a megachurch is daunting and cost-intensive. It’s best to have an ongoing support network to guide and encourage you. More importantly, you need a significant amount of money to see the project from start to finish. With that in mind, you need to pause and consider your financial standing before embarking on such a project. Start by evaluating your cash position, borrowing capacity, and fundraising potential. You wouldn’t want to commence the project and stop half-way due to a lack of funds.

5. Do you have the capacity to oversee a megachurch?


Megachurches invariably translate to an unusually large membership, many church departments, and several ministerial facilities. Do you have the spiritual and administrative capacity to handle a congregation of at least 2,000 people? For starters, you need to have a strong preaching strength to cater to your members’ spiritual needs. Additionally, you need to be seasoned in managing people and resources. If that’s a bit too much, don’t hesitate to set up a management team to assist you.