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5 Facts About Canada

Canada is home to some of the most beautiful cities and sceneries worldwide. Its historical structures and tourist sites will spoil you for choice. The country has been a dream of many global tourists, but you may appreciate the country more if you know these five facts about Canada.

1. Canada is the best country for global investment.


Investors worldwide require two essential elements to invest in a foreign economy: stability and vibrancy. With its politically stable and economically thriving environment, Canada embodies both elements. The country, over the years, has launched several investment programs to ensure smooth international investing and attracts investment from the Canadian diaspora and several other individual investors.

Several investment options exist on Canada’s financial markets for investors of all kinds. Take ETF, for instance, which is a hybrid investment option between index mutual funds and preferred stocks. The sale of ETFs is convenient, with share price fluctuations mirroring the general market value, and the adoption of top Canadian dividend ETFs has surged in the past year. Many Canadian millennials see dividend investing as a great investment toward significant passive income returns.

2. Canada is the world’s seventh most diverse country.

Diversity is an essential indicator in measuring global development. This indicator relates to how countries treat vulnerable and minority groups in society. Canada is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. About 22.3 percent of the Canadian population belongs to one or more visible minority groups, and population experts predict this percentage to increase by at least 20 percent before 2036.

Canadian authorities continue to introduce policies that level the field for all of its citizens regardless of their racial background or sex. The government integrates these policies into its leadership space, giving room for optimum representation. People like Malliha Wilson, for instance, represent the Tamils of Sri Lanka in several leadership positions. In 2008, she became the first visible minority to hold the assistant deputy attorney general position in Canada. Malliha held the position for an 8-year term, a big milestone and inspiration for Canada’s Tamil youth population. She became the special advisor to the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO) and also handled many notable cases as a human rights lawyer. The success stories of people like Malliha continue to serve as a testament to Canada’s multiculturalism and ethnic diversity.

3. Canada has the best internet speed.

Canada’s population is about 38 million, with a near-perfect mobile phone proliferation rate. Over 35 million Canadians use internet-enabled devices for several purposes, from online learning to grocery shopping. In 2020, Opensignal announced Canada’s internet speed as the best environment, which has several implications for the economy and convenience for Canadians.

The strong internet connection, for instance, is a relevant index for Canada’s fintech industry, which is thriving at an astronomical rate. In 2019, the space processed 241 major deals earning over $2 billion in capital gains. As of this year, the average transaction value per user is $26,013. According to Statista, Canada’s fintech space is projected to grow by 50 percent before 2022, with digital payments leading the sector.

4. Most of Quebec’s population speak French.


Canada shares several similarities with the United States, from currencies, real estate trends, and more. Both countries have enjoyed beneficial trade relationships as two first-world charter members from the North American continent. Another huge similarity Canada bears with the U.S. is the wide use of the English language. But you might be shocked to reach Quebec and realize 95 percent of the province’s population speak fluent French as a second language.

5. The country has the longest coastline.

Canada is home to millions of lakes, water bodies, and site attractions. Tourists often visit the country to enjoy the beach and some sun, but not many people know how far Canada’s shoreline stretches. Canada’s coastline stretches over a hundred thousand miles, making it the world’s longest coastline. This means it can take an individual up to 33 years before completing a full stroll of Canada’s shorelines.

With these five facts, we hope you’ve gained an even deeper appreciation for this amazing country.