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A Guide to Finding Your Dream Home

Finding a good deal on your dream home can seem like a huge ask for many of us. We tend to think that a dream home is just that—a dream. However, finding your perfect new home doesn’t have to be something that can only be accomplished from a great night’s sleep. Anyone can create the perfect space that’s uniquely suited to their lifestyle and personalized comfort demands. This just takes a dedicated research regimen and a commitment to some alterations within a home that offers the right blend of space and place for your own needs.


The need to find your perfect relaxation space has taken on new meaning during the lockdown measures and new ways of life that have been brought on as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Finding a calming and enriching home that gives you ample space to stretch out and relax while doubling or tripling as an office, classroom, or exercise studio has become the new normal as the coronavirus pushes us all to maintain a distance from one another and stay within our own homes for much longer periods of time than we’re accustomed to.

The search for your dream home then has become far more significant, and that search begins with the creation of a list of ‘must-haves’ and ‘wants.’

Start with the intangibles.



There are a number of things that homeowners need to search for early on in their move into a larger or nicer home. Wherever you plan to move, it’s important to remember that many factors of a home cannot be altered once you take possession of the space. These include community infrastructure and things that can cause a nuisance to your family. No matter the property improvements that you make, you can’t move a highway or build a school or community park near your home to better suit your family’s quality of life. Real estate purchases, therefore, should be carefully considered by aspiring homeowners, and these intangibles must take high priority on your list of wants and requirements in any future home that you view as a potential buyer.


Starting with these elements is often the best way for a mover to lock in both a fair deal and a great experience that will last for years to come in your new home. In addition to features that are outside of your control like neighborhood location, local amenities, night sky viewing, and school zoning considerations, it’s also important to understand the large impact needs of any new home that you view. These jobs are typically essential maintenance that can’t be done by the average homeowner that will require the specialist help of a contractor. A discerning buyer can often spot these, but many don’t know where to look when it comes to inspecting a property. Utilizing a research tool like those found at nalula.com will help you coordinate your efforts and find a fair deal based on the average asking price in your local area, average square feet measurements, and an accounting of upgrades necessary along with the average assessed market values of properties.


The roof, for instance, is a job that must be tackled every 20 to 25 years and can’t be ignored for long once this expiration date is reached. Real estate agents will often use caution when advising their clients on a home with an aging roof for this reason, and many sellers will look to replace the roof before listing their home in order to take advantage of a smart price boost that wouldn’t be available to them otherwise. Understanding the condition of the roof is an important aspect in any buyer’s market search. Many buyers, in fact, search for homes with a roof that’s due to be replaced in order to take advantage of a good deal or a rebate opportunity on the price structure that reduces the final sale price in an effort to give the mover free capital to hire contractors to make bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen upgrades in addition to the roof repair. Hiring a local outfit that you trust for this job is essential. Contractors like Buccos Roofing, with years of experience in the industry, are a homeowner’s best friend when it comes to a job like this. Roofing repairs are one of those home improvement projects that simply requires a specialist.

Envision home improvement upgrades to facilitate your perfect space.



Once you’ve identified properties that meet your needs based on required big ticket solutions and immobile features of the home’s location, it’s time to consider interior inclusions and prospective upgrades that can benefit your lifestyle and personal taste. You might even consider the options available that promise to increase the value of your home by redecorating. Redecoration is a fantastic way to improve the energy of your home and capture that magic you’ve been looking for.


In old or new home, a fresh coat of paint can increase the value of the property by as much as thousands of dollars and give you a totally new outlook on the space at the same time. Including quality of life upgrades like hardwood flooring or granite countertops is also a good way to add in the finer things in life to your daily experience. These upgrades will help make your new house a home and give you the relaxation and productivity factors that you may have been searching in vain for, possibly for years.

Utilize movers for your change of scenery.



Movers in Phoenix are specialists in changes to people’s home lives. Once you’ve located and purchased the perfect property to call home for the future, you must rely on a professional group of movers to help you get into the new home painlessly. The packing and transportation process is one that provides a homeowner with endless headaches. This is especially true for those who consider facilitating the whole proposition with their own vehicle. Furniture and heavy boxes of books, kitchen wares, and clothing really put a dampener on the process. With the help of professional movers, you’ll receive the packing equipment, prepare your belongings, and simply wait for them to be moved to your new property with no strain on your own body or mind.


Finding the perfect home begins with research tools and ends with the help of a varied team of professionals to carry you across the finish line. Take the time to find the perfect home and professionals to help you get there.