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How To Buy Land and Build a House

Home buyers all over the country are shifting their focus from urban or suburban neighborhoods, to the complete building of their own personalized spaces. This change comes as homeowners realize the constraints placed on them in their neighborhood homes of the past. The ability to stretch out and plan the perfect space for you and your family is a freeing experience that more and more homeowners are taking advantage of. But in order to buy and build, you need to commit to the project wholeheartedly. Your home will take time to build, as it takes form over many long months. As well, with Covid-19 restrictions and threats continuing to take their toll all across the United States, beginning to build today will likely end up taking a bit longer than usual to complete.

However, at the end of the project you can look forward to a home that is uniquely yours, and gives you the relaxation and peace of mind that you’ve been craving while living cooped up in your city apartment or suburban neighborhood.

Start with the land.


Finding the right parcel of land is paramount to success in this endeavor. The same is true for those looking to buy an existing structure. The truth is, you can’t change the space around your home, but everything within it falls under your control. This means that your search for the most ideal space to build your home is no different than a search for a buying opportunity. You will have to contend with roadways and work to anticipate any future roadworks nearby, school zoning for your children, and proximity to the activities that you and your family enjoy.

A great way to conduct your search is with the help of a mapping solution like those offered at AcreBin (for more see: acrebin.com). Combing through property maps can be time consuming and difficult to understand for the majority of buyers, but mapping products like those at AcreBin make the process simple. The greatest asset that maps give us is the ability to view a landscape through many different lenses. With the help of professionally surveyed and generated topography and lot line maps, a new homeowner can easily gain a sense of the parcel that they are considering purchasing. With the help of map solutions of this nature you can understand the landscape and its surroundings far more comprehensively and make a smart decision about buying the property that best suits your needs.

For instance, many homeowners want to move their family just outside the city. This gives homeowners the ability to retain easy access to shopping malls and live sporting events, yet places their family home far enough away to enjoy the night sky, unencumbered by the streetlights that bleed out the view of the stars. Map solutions are a great way to identify land that angles away from obstructions and can help you identify spaces that are unlikely to see new construction projects in the near and long terms. Maps are a crucial tool for those planning any type of building project, and learning to read the topographical elements of the landscape that you are considering can go a long way to guiding your decision about any particular parcel of land.

Your home is likely your most valuable asset, so choosing a space to build on that most closely fits your requirements is the best way to improve upon the value of that property. Whether you are open to selling in a few years’ time if the market conditions are optimal or are hoping to grow old in this space, creating an asset worth valuable capital is a great way to improve upon the overall health of your financial future with smart decision making today.

Design the property with longevity in mind.


Once you have found the space that will hold your future home, it’s time to start preparing for the build. Building a home from scratch can take some time, but the most important part of the entire project is in the design phase. Creating the home that will carry you through the next years or decades requires a long view that is not as common when purchasing an existing structure. Making renovations or minor alterations to the property is to be expected in home buying. But when you build your own home you hope to short circuit the need to continue to renovate in the future. Ideally, this space will fit your family’s unique needs like a glove–whether that is an odd configuration of bedrooms and bathrooms, or a space that provides a basement practice room for your children’s musical endeavors. It’s a good idea to consider the specialized requirements of each family member when planning a build.

As well, when working with an architect to design your home, you will want to save on additional expenses. In the short term, you should consider appliance repair in Bend Oregon rather than purchasing new units for the move. Cutting down on extraneous expenses by lengthening the life of your existing appliances is a great idea when preparing for a big move like this. Some items will not fit the bill for your purpose-built space and will need to go, but appliances like washing machines and dishwashers will continue to serve your needs admirably if you commit to maintaining them well.

Focus on the decor.


Finally, rounding out the interior decor of your new home is the best way to bring the whole project together. Painting the walls with accent colors and including upgraded flooring and living room amenities is a typical choice in custom built homes. These additional touches give your family the trappings of luxury, and during the building process your contractor may be able to offer you a discount on premium upgrades like granite countertops or hardwood floors that aren’t available to those renovating an existing home.

Finishing Touches


Hosting a housewarming party is the last step to a successful move in. Learning how to throw a housewarming party worth remembering is a great way to ring in the changes to your new home and lifestyle. Preparing a guest list with your closest friends and new neighbors is a great way to bridge the gap between old and new as well. As well, many of your guests will likely bring plants as gifts that can be used to liven up your home in the seasons to come.

Building a home is the perfect way to combine exacting location specifications with the home of your dreams.