Ideas To Make Your Office More Inviting for Employees

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has meant many workers now have to work from home (and so many worker’s offices are now a bedroom corner or a living room space), there is the general consensus that soon we will be out of the other side of the coronavirus and offices will be opening up once again. Yet now is the time to make some changes to the workspace if you want to make your office more inviting to employees.

Accessible to All

Beyond ensuring that the office space is accessible to people with disabilities (which it should be by default), making the office easier to navigate extends to the needs of employees who have needs that aren’t quite so visible. Ladies of the workplace may not be aware that the hot flash and dizzy feelings, as well as vertigo, insomnia, and fatigue, are menopause symptoms. If they are feeling such a change in their body temperature due to fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone, then ensure that they have a place where they can spend time dealing with their bodies’ natural menopause processes in private, and in a dignified way. We often forget just how much women have to go through physically, especially during menopause, and the least we can all do is make things easier.

State of the Art Facilities

The office space is incredibly important not just for encouraging recruitment of new staff, but to keep the workforce as it is for even longer. According to the Fellows Workplace Wellness Trend Report, an overwhelming number of employees want their bosses to offer a more healthy environment in the office. Part of that can result in an overhaul of equipment, allowing workers to do their job much more easily, and thus giving way to a reduction of their stress levels. Add to that the assistive technology to help workers feel more comfortable, such as adjustable chairs, wrist rest equipment and foot rests, and employees will have good posture, ensuring that their physical help is at no risk in the workplace.

It’s always good to have some downtime activities for recreation during breaks. Computer consoles, table sports games and comfortable seating are a must. However, the overall aesthetic makes for a better productivity rate. A lick of brighter paint leads to a reduction in eye strain and some pretty plants dotted around the office will often bring an extra sense of natural calm to the workroom.

Activities Beyond Work

Also brought up in the Fellowes Workplace Wellness Trend Report was the need for clearer air, water and space for activities. Bicycle parking and storage spaces encourage employees to be more healthy in their traveling to and from the office, but transporting on a bike isn’t always possible or practical. So, if that’s not feasible to exercise on the way to the workplace, make time and space for exercise to take place within the workspace instead. You don’t need to be a qualified personal trainer to help your employees with their extra activities‚Äîlittle competitions to get the staff moving are all that’s needed. Extra exercise lowers blood pressure, which in turn gives way to a further reduction in stress levels.

Comfortable Amenities

Who doesn’t love free food? Ok, technically it doesn’t have to be free but a little more variation in the cafeteria goes a long way. Look into subsidizing the food service facilities within the office, so that more employees are encouraged to stay close by and socialize in the workplace during lunch hours. The sense of camaraderie will work wonders for your team (provided they haven’t fallen out over those competitive extra activities).

Obviously, bonus points will be awarded if the food is healthy and nutritious, but another refreshment that ticks those boxes is bottled spring water. Setting up a spring water delivery service for the office would be a big boon for all of your employees. Great-tasting and healthy, Canadian Springs is one service that will deliver water bottles to the workplace, replacing the old water cooler that is simply gathering dust.