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The Importance of On-Demand Hot Water

There’s nothing worse than having to take a cold shower in the morning or having to boil water just to take a bath. Your water heater can put you through the wringer, especially if the unit is nearing the end of its lifespan. That’s one of the reasons more homeowners and building owners are opting for tankless water heaters to have quicker access to hot water, no matter when you turn on your faucet.

Hot Water When You Want It


Just like in the bedroom, you want things to heat up instantly. One of the greatest appeals of tankless water heaters is on-demand hot water. Rather than storing gallons of water until you need to run your hot water tap, as traditional water heaters do, tankless models provide instant hot water. This makes it less likely that you’ll run out of hot water since it’s not just sitting there stagnant in the tank.

Regardless of how much hot water you use in your household, the heating elements in tankless units heat water on demand. As long as these tankless models are working properly, they should continue to pump out hot water. If a tankless heater requires maintenance, it’s actually far less expensive and complex than repairs for a traditional water heater.



While size may have a role in a healthy sex life, it also matters when it comes to your home’s water heater. Traditional water heater tanks can take up a good chunk of space. The compact size of tankless units frees up more room in your home, and it can be installed where it’s out of the way.

It is important to consult with a plumber when installing a tankless water heater to make sure it can satisfy the needs of your whole house. Larger households may need two tankless water heaters to keep with demand and prevent the discomfort of cold water while one person showers and another does the laundry.



Active sex life is one that burns with years of passionate lovemaking and sexual satisfaction, but sometimes those flames can run out. The same can go for an older water heater that may no longer be up to par, and forcing it to expend more energy crushes your monthly bills.

Tankless water heaters last around 20 to 30 years, almost double the lifespan of a tank water heater. If you plan on staying put in your current house, a tankless water heater is actually a good idea to invest in. Tankless hot water heaters also require little upkeep. Annual cleanings are recommended to flush the unit of any sediment, but tankless units can actually withstand four to five years without maintenance.

Energy Efficiency


Long-lasting heat is key to any sexual relationship, and a great way to keep stimulation and sexual function revving at all times. Okay, let’s throw some cold water on the metaphors and get back to a different kind of steam.

Storage tank water heaters aren’t as energy efficient as tankless water heaters. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, tankless models using 41 gallons or less of hot water daily are 24-34% more energy-efficient than traditional water heaters. For homes using 86 gallons of hot water each day, a tankless water heater is 8-14% more efficient.

This translates into energy savings almost immediately after installation. Purchasing a tankless water heater, or any other Energy Star appliances could end up saving you hundreds of dollars annually. You can use those savings towards a getaway for you and that special someone to get them steamier than your hot water faucet can only imagine.