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The Many Ways Moving Impacts Children and How To Make the Transition Easier

Studies have shown that moving has many positive impacts on children. It can help them learn new skills, become more independent, and even become more creative. Here are just a few of the ways that moving can benefit kids:

It can provide a sense of adventure and excitement.


For kids, moving can be an adventure. They may be excited to explore their new house and neighborhood, and to meet new friends. From meeting the team at your chosen Newark moving company to anticipating what they’ll find in each box they unpack, every part of a big move can be seen as an adventure.

It can lead to improved academic performance.

Kids who move may also see a boost in their academic performance. This may be because they are exposed to new educational opportunities, or because they are motivated to do well in order to fit in at their new school. Even a struggling student has room to grow in a new environment—simply search “tutor for math near me” or a similar phrase to find just what your child needs to thrive in their new environment.

It can help them become more self-sufficient.

Kids who move often have to learn how to take care of themselves. This can include things like cooking for themselves, doing their own laundry, and taking care of their own finances. This can help kids become more responsible and independent.

It can help them become more creative.

Kids who move often have to come up with new ways to entertain themselves. This can include things like exploring their new surroundings, trying new activities, and making new friends. This can help kids become more creative and adventurous.

It can lead to improved social skills.

Kids who move often have to make new friends. This can help them to develop better social skills.

While moving can have a lot of benefits, it’s important to note that it can also be difficult for kids. They may feel sad or anxious about leaving their friends and family behind, or about starting over in a new place. It’s important to help kids adjust to their new homes and to support them during this time.

If your family is moving, here are a few things to keep in mind to help your kids adjust:

Help them say goodbye to their friends and family.


It can be difficult for kids to say goodbye to the people they know and love. Help them to say goodbye in a way that feels meaningful to them. Maybe they want to write a letter to their friends, have a farewell party, or just spend some time talking to their loved ones.

Encourage them to explore their new neighbourhood.

Encourage your kids to explore their new neighborhood. This can help them feel more comfortable in their new home. They can meet new friends and explore all that their new neighbourhood has to offer.

Talk about the move.

It’s important to talk to your kids about the move. They may have a lot of questions, and it’s important to answer them as best you can. Let them know that you’re there for them and that you will help them through this transition.

Help them stay connected to their old life.

It can be helpful for kids to stay connected to their old life. This can help them feel more comfortable during the move. You can do this by sending photos and videos of their old neighborhood, having them call or Skype with their friends and family, or even sending them care packages.

Give them time to adjust.

It can take kids a while to adjust to a new home. Be patient and give them time to get comfortable. Let them know that it’s okay to feel sad or anxious and that you’re there to help them through it.