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What You Get Out of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

No matter how responsible you are as a homeowner, the appliances in your home are likely to accumulate wear and tear. To avoid expensive repairs, your best course of action is to plan ahead for proper maintenance. When it comes to your home’s air systems, specifically the air conditioner and furnace, investing in a service agreement for potential HVAC maintenance can be a major money saver. Aside from emergency service, however, service contracts can also be incredibly useful for many other reasons, especially when it comes to preventative maintenance and your units’ longevity.

Here, we will look at some of the most helpful benefits that you get out of an HVAC maintenance contract, and why having a professional contractor affiliated with a trusted HVAC company can be one of your best investments.

What a Maintenance Agreement Covers


More than likely, your home came with pre-installed HVAC equipment unit that you didn’t select. Whether you have a central air conditioning system or other types of traditional air conditioner, routine maintenance should still be on your checklist of responsibilities. The fact is, your HVAC system takes a beating from consistent use. And like all homeowners, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family will be supplied with maximum comfort and safety as the seasons’ change. To ensure this type of reliability, only an HVAC maintenance agreement guarantees both preventative maintenance and emergency service year-round.

When it comes to preventative maintenance, be sure that your HVAC’s ductwork and ventilation receive frequent cleaning. This especially applies to your system’s air filters. As your air conditioning unit runs, dust, debris, dander, and other forms of allergens slowly clog the filter’s mesh. This blockage can restrict airflow, preventing the air filter from efficiently purifying your home’s indoor air quality. It also forces the HVAC equipment to run longer, and at higher power levels. Such constant use not only drives up your monthly energy bills but, over time, can cause a system breakdown. For this reason, HVAC technicians advise that air filters be changed approximately every two months. Likewise, your ducts and vents should be thoroughly cleaned before each seasonal change. If you need a reminder to perform these maintenance tasks, investing in a preventive maintenance agreement may be your best solution.

HVAC Maintenance and Home Value


No matter what type of equipment you have, a yearly inspection of the unit should be high on your homeowner checklist. During an annual maintenance visit, your HVAC contractor will look at your units for possible gas leaks or faulty electrical wiring, which can prevent potentially dangerous scenarios. By entering into an HVAC service contract, you can schedule an inspection appointment with a technician to perform these maintenance tasks, all of which can prevent expensive repairs.

An additional bonus to investing in an HVAC service agreement is the long-term value of your home. In every way, routine maintenance increases the longevity of your household’s utilities and operating systems. Regular maintenance also provides more energy efficiency and lower energy costs. If you ever decide to put your home on the real estate market, your air conditioner and heating systems will be among the first items that a potential buyer will inspect. The more modern, well-maintained, and cost-efficient your HVAC systems are, the higher you’ve made your home’s overall property value. By working alongside an HVAC contractor for long-term system maintenance, you’re not only getting large savings on monthly energy costs and expensive repairs now but also investing in potentially profitable decisions later.

Whether you’re currently looking for a new HVAC system as a first-time homebuyer or you’re an experienced homeowner looking to upgrade systems for a more-modern technology, contacting your HVAC service provider for preventive maintenance agreement options is truly one of the most sound investments you can make.