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Why It’s a Good Idea to Become a Realtor

Do you enjoy the thrill of viewing and fixing up a new home, or are you looking for a new career path that offers you flexibility? If your answers are yes, then being a realtor might just be the dream job for you. As a real estate agent or broker, you gain the freedom to work at your own pace and create your schedule. Though this role comes with many responsibilities, it also comes with its perks. Without further ado, here are some reasons why we believe becoming a realtor is a good idea. Hopefully, these will give you the conviction you need to become the broker you know you can be.

Being a realtor is empowering.


Working as a realtor puts you in a position of authority. You don’t have to concern yourself with working hours, dress code conduct, or salary limits like the typical office worker would. Your primary concern lies in your commitment to the needs of your clients. When you can meet the needs of your clients, it’s almost impossible not to be successful. As a real estate agent, you’re equipped with the correct information to know how to rebrand the exterior of your home, fix a leak or shingle, and identify when you need a roofing service for roof replacement.

So let’s assume a client in New Jersey is battling a leak. Your expertise allows you to know if a new roof is required or they simply need a roof repair. You can go online and search for “best roofer Toms River NJ” to get a reliable roofing company that’ll sort out the problem efficiently. As a realtor who can offer customer satisfaction, you get to play an unforgettable role in clients’ lives while removing all borders to your earning possibilities.

Being an agent or broker means a fun career path.

Admittedly, the work of a realtor isn’t all sunshine and good vibes. You sometimes have to get down and dirty. Even that can be fun, though, especially if you enjoy playing the role of Bob the builder. As a realtor, there are times when you may need to remodel a house or give it a complete makeover like changing cabinets, a countertop.

Let’s say you’re managing homes in Wollongong. In that case, you might find or getting durable kitchen benchtops in Wollongong that are of the highest quality materials in a bid to improve a home’s value. The real estate career path offers you the opportunity to turn your creativity and passion into a reality. So, if you enjoy popping into open houses for fun, watching IGTV, or you’re just one who enjoys the sight of a house that has undergone quality work, you’re on the right path.

You become a home expert.


It’s almost impossible not to become an expert in your field as a real estate agent. This is because your primary aim is to make sales and have a good standing with customers at all times. Therefore, to offer customers a great experience, you’ll need to know what you’re doing.

Whether it’s getting a fair price for a direct air conditioning unit or knowing what company will offer you a free estimate and warranty for an air conditioner, as a realtor, you’ll have a vast knowledge of things and earn the respect that comes with it. Also, you’ll have access to a list of Better Business Bureau organizations (BBB) for an easy background check on companies’ BBB business profiles before hiring vendors.

You don’t need a college degree.

There are many reasons why people are unable to attend college. There’s financial pressure, lack of family support, lack of time, and more. However, unlike the traditional educational system, the real-estate education requirement is brief, straightforward and cost-effective.

Let’s say you live in California. Knowing how to get a real estate license in California is pretty easy. You’ll need to enroll with a private real estate school to take some mandatory courses. These schools are more thorough and will guide you every step of the way. Upon completion of your real estate courses, you’ll have to apply for the real estate license exam by completing a combination form (optional) that permits you to apply for both the California salesperson examination and the real estate license exam in one document.

The California Department of Real Estate (DRE) will send you an examination schedule notice once you’re approved. When you complete your examination and pass, you’ll need a real estate broker to co-sign your application, then activate your license by logging into the DRE e-licensing website. Finally, follow the instructions, pay the license fee, and submit your application to complete the final steps towards your new career.

You can take classes online.


While you don’t need a college degree to launch into the real estate business, it’s still an option, especially if you’re looking to run a real estate investment trust (REIT), a real estate hedge fund, or accelerate your growth to senior-level executive positions. This career path goes beyond buying, selling, and developing houses as you’ll gain a clear advantage to land a good job and branch towards the finance side of large-scale projects.

So, if you have the funds but lack the time for an MBA program, there are MBA consulting services that can help you decide the best school whose coursework and course structure aligns with your schedule. Such an MBA admission consultant is usually up on all the requirements, like GMAT scores. They’ll help you with essay writing, getting your transcripts, preparing your resume, and get you into your dream school—including a top business school like Harvard Business School (HBS) or Wharton.

You become a problem solver.

Think about it—every real estate agent or broker is pretty much a problem solver. Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your house, get a new home, or sell the current one, all fingers point to a real estate agent. They’re always present to help people complete important milestones in housing.

Becoming a realtor helps you fill these shoes. For instance, suppose a homeowner in Ormond beach needs to sell an old house—you can step in and help them make the process seamless. This could be getting professionals who provide excellent service for cleaning labor panes Ormond Beach as well as window cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, and gutter cleaning at a reasonable price. This will help make the house attractive to prospective buyers.

Being a realtor gives you freedom.


Just in case you’re still yet to get the hint, being a realtor allows you to prioritize freedom. You can plan your day and time as you would like. This is an advantage that not many careers or professions can boast of. Most of them will require you to be stuck on your desk or station. However, there’s only one goal in real estate, which is sales. So, as long as you’re making sales, you can choose to take a vacation whenever you want, including during well as your working hours.

Incentives for hard work.

Everyone loves to be rewarded for labor, and even better, we like to know and measure these rewards. It serves as a good motivator that propels us to put in our best. So, if you find incentives as a motivator, then this is one reason why the real estate industry will be a good fit for you. Realtors earn through commissions, often referred to as a brokerage fee. The higher the value of the house you buy or sell, the higher your brokerage fee.